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Need a key duplicate? At MISTER MINIT we duplicate +5 million keys a year, including traditional flat keys and security keys for residential and commercial property locks, electronic and manual car keys, remote controls, cylinder locks, bike locks and padlocks...   We always try to  respond to your different needs! All our shops have the most common key references available in stock but others, e.g. specialist and high security keys, can be ordered in  the shop and will be delivered from our central key department, where we have almost 15.000 key references available!

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Security keys

Security keys are supplied with a personal registration card. You are the only person who can order a copy of a key on presentation of this card. You must have the card to be able to order!


Key duplication

When you need an extra key MISTER MINIT has the ideal solution! We duplicate flat keys, grooved keys, keys with paths and holes, security keys with registration cards and keys with electronic chips. Our specialist research department can trace any special or rare key – a service unique to MISTER MINIT.


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