Cylinder locks

To get straight to the point: duplication of keys is MISTER MINIT's core business! Thanks to more than 50 years of experience, MISTER MINIT is the reference for duplicating millions of keys every year.

What fewer people know, is that we also sell cylinders. Because a key has to fit in something right…?


A door cylinder is the main part of every door and has the highest priority in breaking-in prevention. Every cylinder is a little masterpiece where body, studs, bullets and feathers accurately fit together and take care of a safe lock down.

Those cylinders have proven themselves uncountable times and are produced according to the European standards of quality. They are available in different sizes and models.
Because your house or office deserves the best protection, we offer different kinds of qualities at MISTER MINIT: from cheap standard qualities, often used for interior doors, to high safety cylinders with a certificate.

Cylinders can also be tailor-made. If you wish, every door of your house can be opened with the same key.

Maybe you are the janitor of an apartment building and you would like every resident to have his own door key but also a key for the front door and garage? MISTER MINIT can take care of that!

Or do you have an office where everyone should be able to enter the building, but only you and your partner can enter some specific rooms? Possible!

There are uncountable options and possibilities. But safety is well-being and that’s important! It’s only a matter of manipulation from our specialists.

A safe lock means peace of mind!

Our shop operators are specialists and will help and advise you anyway they can.

Do you wish to duplicate security keys or regular keys? Or maybe you want a copy of your remote control? Looking for a padlock or a bike lock? Is the casing of the car key broken? No worries our specialists can take care of this!

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