Smartphone repair

Did you drop your smartphone into water? Does the phone battery drain too fast? Or do you want a screen protection on your smartphone to avoid having a cracked screen? Our professional staff can replace your iPhone screen and batteries.

Battery replacement smartphone

Faulty battery, losing power

Does the battery of your smartphone drain too fast? Or is your phone getting very hot?

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Screen protector

A sure way to protect your phone and to save money in the long term, is to fit a protective screen cover. Our shops will fit these for you guaranteeing a perfect finish.

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Cracked Screen Smartphone

Cracked screen

Did you drop your smartphone? That's bad luck, but these things happen.

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Dropped your phone into water?

Water damage is deadly for an electronic device, especially if it has been immersed. Can your smartphone be saved after a water damage?

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Buttons, cameras and other parts

Is the speaker of your smartphone broken? Doesn’t the home or volume button on your iPad function anymore? Is there a disturbance with the charger?

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Screenprotector-Iphone 10 Oct

Scratches and shocks will stand no chance with our tempered glass protectors!

Smartphone-repair 04 Mar

How MISTER MINIT became a specialist in smartphone repairs

Smartphone repair “while you wait services” or while you're shopping.

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