Scratches and shocks will stand no chance with our tempered glass protectors!


Smartphones are expensive…You don’t want to spend hundreds of euros on one and end up with a scratched screen.

Common materials like keys can rub against your smartphone’s screen and scratch it. Since a smartphone’s glass screen is one of the most vulnerable areas, owners should try to protect it as much as possible from shocks and scratches.


At MISTER MINIT we offer screen protectors made of tempered glass for iPhone and Samsung smartphones. This transparent quality screen protector can actually help to increase the life of your device!

Our screen protectors have round edges, so they fit the screen very well. They are bubble-free thanks to an automatic absorption and fingerprints & marks can be wiped away very easily. Your device will resist dust, dirt, shocks and scratches. There is absolutely no influence on the clarity and touchscreen accuracy. And if your screen protector would be scratched, the screen of your device will remain without fragments or harm.

We have performed several scratch tests on these protectors with keys, coins, cutter knife, nails,…and there were no marks left on them!

Our shop operators are specialists who do this every day. They’ll be happy to place a screen protector on your device. If you do decide to place the protector yourself, you can always buy the kit and do this at home.

Prolong your smartphone’s lifespan with our tempered glass protectors!
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