How universal remote controls make life easier

Opening Garage In Car With Remote Control

Devices that simplify your life… let’s face it, who isn’t interested in that? A universal remote control that single-handedly services up to four different devices is one of those examples. That way you can easily open your fence while arriving at home AND open your garage door. Handy, huh?

What is a universal remote control and how does it work?

Unlike regular remote controls, a universal remote is capable of regenerating many sets of codes of various devices due to its programmable memory. This way it can communicate with many different receivers or gateways. This allows you to command and control from one device items like your own fence, garage door, fences or doors of your friends or relatives, parking lighting and more.

Is it really an all-in-one solution?

Yes and no. Every remote has its own way to communicate with the receiver. In order to control several devices from one remote, it’s important that they are compatible with each other. For example, you own a remote control for your garage door but you want to buy a new motor for your gateway. Yet this doesn’t necessarily mean that these devices have to come from the same manufacturer – the same receiver is good enough. In many cases, a universal remote can be compatible with both separate and different receivers.

Can you replace or duplicate it?

In case you lost your remote control or you wish to have a spare remote control, a MISTER MINIT specialist near you  can easily duplicate your existing remote control(s) on a universal one for all your gateways at home.

Here you have a look of how we do this:

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