Car key case replacement

The time of mechanical keys for cars and motorcycles is far behind us.

Electronics have also find their way in this segment. To guarantee the safety of the car, the technique, which is part of the anti-theft, becomes more evolved every day. The car or motorcycle key sends a signal to the vehicle. Inside the vehicle there’s a responder that reacts and gives permission to start. This is different than a remote control.

That’s why nowadays it’s not that easy to duplicate a car or motorcycle key.


Depending on the type of car and year of manufacture, the MISTER MINIT operator can immediately tell you if this key is duplicable or not.

Is only the casing of the car key broken? Or worn out? Usually the electronics of the key is still working. No problem! MISTER MINIT can order and place for almost every type of car a new casing.

Looking for a safety cylinder for your door? Do you wish to duplicate security keys or regular keys? Or maybe you want a copy of your remote control? Looking for a padlock or a bike lock? No worries our specialists can take care of this!

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