Where To Duplicate Your Car Key

Lost Car Keys

Losing your car key can be a real nightmare, especially when it’s your only copy. You don’t realize how valuable your car keys really are until you lose them or if they even stop working. You can avoid this awkward situation by having a duplicate of your car key before it’s too late. Don't know where or how to get one? Discover our advice below.

Duplicate your car key at your car dealer

You can go to your dealer for a duplicate of your car key. Your dealer will order a blank key and he will program it in the workshop. However, sometimes he is not equipped to cut the mechanical part of the key and will send you to a multi-service shoemaker. Generally, the delay to get a new car key is one to two weeks and the prices are often very high.

Make a copy of your car key at a multi-service specialist

MISTER MINIT is the multi-service specialist that can duplicate your door keys, security keys, remote controls, badges and almost all types of car keys with remote control. Our specialists work with the latest equipment and they are continuously trained in new technologies. In addition, we have the most common car key models in stock. Depending on the model of the car and the year of manufacture, we can duplicate the car key within a few hours or days.

Watch this video below and see how MISTER MINIT duplicates your car key with remote control.

Don't forget that it is essential to have at least two keys for your car. If you only have one key and you lose it, the cost can be significant. So don't wait any longer, go to your nearest MISTER MINIT shop today to have your car key reproduced.

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