Why Your Sneakers Deserve A Second Chance

The time when people wore the same shoes for years is long behind us.  The fashion image, new and cheaper materials, a “throw-away” generation,… these are just a few examples why people prefer to buy new shoes instead of having their old ones repaired. And what about your sneakers? They no longer have to go straight into the garbage bin. MISTER MINIT gives them a second chance by repairing the soles and saves them from the garbage

1. The rise of sneakers

If you take a good look around, you will probably already noticed that more and more people, of all ages, are wearing sneakers.  They no longer wear sneakers just for running or working out, but they wear them as a fashion item. As sneakers are worn more frequently and for every type of activity, they also wear out faster and could use a resole more quickly. Until recently, worn-out sneakers went straight into the garbage, because a durable repair, at an acceptable price, was not possible.

In the past, cupsoles were used to repair sneakers. A cupsole is an outsole which is shaped like a cup around the sole of a sneaker. The use of this sole is quite an expensive solution and it will give you only half a new sneaker.  Luckily MISTER MINIT has come up with a better alternative.

2. Intensive research for the right sole

Sneakers consist mostly of plastic-like materials.  Especially the first generation sneakers was of a very poor quality.  No rubber or leather was used and that made it difficult to repair them. The adhesives suited for rubber soles don’t work on plastics, and vice versa.