Why good shoes deserve shoe trees

Have you ever wondered why some people insert shoe trees into their shoes? Well, that’s because they want to take care of their precious shoes or boots. Shoe trees are more than accessories for your shoes, they are must-haves to keep them in the best  shape. But how do you know which ones are suited for your dress shoes?

What is a shoe tree?

A shoe tree is a foot-shaped tool that can be placed inside a shoe to help to retain its shape and prevent the development of creases. Shoe trees can also help dry out the inside of your shoes. So, whenever you are not wearing your shoes, even overnight, it’s best to insert shoe trees into your shoes. 

Which type of shoe tree to choose?

Not all shoe trees are suited for every type of shoe. It’s important to buy a pair of shoe trees with a natural shape that doesn’t tear or deform your shoes. When it comes to determine the right size of the shoe trees, it’s better to buy one size smaller than your actual shoe size or you can ask for an advice in your nearest MISTER MINIT shop.

Here is an overview of the most common types of the shoe trees:

Spiral shoe trees