This is how your shoes will remain clean when it rains or snows…

This is how your shoes will remain clean when it rains or snows…

Autumn is now upon us ! You can tell by the weather…

Rain, thunderstorms, squalls,…. and wet shoes.

But every season has its pros and cons ! Autumn is a period of traditions and celebrations, good warm autumn food, beautiful colours in nature, cocooning and fall fashion. This fall and winter, shoe fashion contains a large scale of textures, tissues and materials : from pearls, velvet to platform soles and stiletto’s.

Those 7 trends will be very present in the street scene during this fall : patent leather, velvet, platform soles, ankle boots, fluffy, lace-up shoes and animal prints!

Golden tip : buy your shoes in the afternoon ! At that time of the day, your feet are the most swollen and this way you make sure to have the most comfortable fit. It is unlikely your feet are going to swell a full shoe size, but if you're on the verge of one size, this could easily make the difference between comfortable shoes and shoes that make your feet feel constricted.

But how do you make sure that your shoes still look like new even in this bad weather ?

Not every shoe type needs the same maintenance. But there are a few tips and tricks you can apply to every type of shoe :

Tip 1 : before you wear any new shoes or boots, spray them with a waterproof protector. With new shoes it’s best to repeat this 3 times with intervals (let them dry sufficiently). Afterwards you need to repeat the procedure once in a while. Always remove dirt and dust first (NOTE ! protective sprays are not suitable for patent leather and stretch materials).

Tip 2 : always use a shoe and boot tree to preserve the original shape and design of your shoes

Tip 3 : always use a shoe horn to prevent damage to the heel support

Tip 4 : give your shoes a rest and they'll stay alive much longer. Purchase at least one other pair and change regularly.

Wet shoes ?