5 Shoe Care Mistakes To Avoid

Some people have a lot of shoes, other only have a few. But in any case it is important to take good care of your shoes, so you can wear them for many years to come. Unfortunately, not everybody knows how to take good care of their shoes. Here’s a list of shoe care mistakes that are often made and might lead to unnecessary throwing away shoes. And for every mistake we have one or more solutions to prevent the shoe waste pile from increasing in size.

Mistake 1: Wearing shoes that are too tight

Have you recently bought shoes that were fitting well in the shop, but now they seem to be too tight? Or did you buy new shoes without trying them on, just because it’s your actual shoe size? Don’t let them languish somewhere in your shoe closet, but stretch them and maybe you can even enjoy wearing them for years.

The MISTER MINIT solution:

A quick and easy solution to stretch your leather shoes yourself is our MISTER MINIT Stretch spray. Just shake the bottle, spray it on the inside of the tight areas of your shoes and wear them immediately. If necessary, you can always repeat the treatment.

For a long-term stretching of your shoes or the shaft of your boot, you can visit your MISTER MINIT shop. In the shops we have a shoe stretching machine that stretches your shoes overnight or during a couple of days. This shoe stretching solution can give you the comfort and space you need to wear your shoes without any pain.

But be aware that we can only adjust the width of your shoes, not the length.

Mistake 2: Wearing uncomfortable shoes