How to make your shoes more comfortable

Painful feet in high heeled shoes

Do your feet start hurting when you just look at your favorite pair of shoes? Are your feet slipping forward in your high heels or do you regularly slip out of your flat shoes? Are you head over heels in love with your sandals, but they are too uncomfortable to wear all day? Don’t give up on your shoes yet, because the following inserts will make your shoes easier to wear.

Leather or gel inserts?

A shoe insert is a removable pad placed inside a shoe. They can reduce the pressure and give additional support to the front part of your foot or heel. MISTER MINIT has a wide range of inserts in 2 types of materials:

Leather inserts

Inserts made of high quality leather. They are very durable and suited for people who need strong arch support. They can be used in every type of shoes.