How to make your sneakers white again?

Keeping your shoes white, a difficult thing to do?

Not with those tricks ! Luckily, because white sneakers used to be worn only in summertime while nowadays they are being worn throughout the year.

Prevention is better than cure

Although you will never be able to maintain them as new as in the beginning, there are some things you can do to limit the damage. First of all, you should run to the closest MISTER MINIT shop and buy a protective spray. If you treat your shoes with a spray, water and dirt will be rejected. Spray them and repeat this from time to time.

But keeping your white sneakers white, is not an easy task. With those tips and tricks you can clean them in no time.

Okay, now that they’re clean, how can you make them whiter than white ?

The trick with vaseline
A stain on your white leather sneakers? Rub it with some Vaseline. Let it impact for a couple of hours and remove with a tissue. This greasy Vaseline will also function as a protection layer.

White thanks to white vinegar
Vinegar is good for many things, and also to make your sneakers white again. Just a little bit of vinegar on a tissue to wipe your shoes with it!

Use a miracle sponge
They call it a miracle sponge because it can do miracles when removing stains. Just make the sponge a little bit wet and rub it softly onto the sneakers to remove the stain.

Shampoo for tenacious stains
Shampoo is not only good for your hair, it can also do miracles for your shoes. If you have this tenacious stain, take a tissue or tooth brush, apply some (baby) shampoo on it and softly rub it over the stain. Watch the stain disappear….

This product contains white coloring agents that cover damaged spots and tenacious stains on leather and textile. The result is whiter than white, just the way we like to have our sneakers.

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