New watches

New watches

Every person with a passion for watches has a wish list with at least one watch that is simply not affordable. But until the dream of owning that watch comes true, it is worthwhile exploring other inexpensive alternatives that might feel and look almost equally good. We have selected 2 well-known watch brands* for you.

A good style doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. There are plenty of nice accessories in the market to complete your outfit, yet watches are one of the few of which you can differentiate yourself from others.

Think about it, there are not many other things you wear as often as your watch. So it is a big decision to decide which watch you’ll pick. At MISTER MINIT we already selected 2 specific brands* to help you stand out. 

1. Mitron

If you like simple, classic but really interesting watches at a reasonable price, you can choose a watch from the "Mitron" collection. These watches are available for women, men and children.

2. Inotime

From sports watches, simple and classic watches to jewelry, everyone will find something for himself in the "Inotime" collection.

*Some watches are only available in selected stores.