Shoe care products

Shoe care products

Moisture, rain, grease and even oil… all kinds of dirt impact the look and lifespan of your shoes drastically. Prevent unnecessary wear and tear by taking care of your shoes on a regular basis with our specialized products.

Didn’t your grandmother ever tell you that people always look at the shoes first?

It’s a fact for 80% of people. Furthermore, shoes that are cleaned regularly not only look nicer, but also outwear longer. Especially when shoes and boots are expensive, you want to enjoy them for the longest possible time.

Leather in particular requires regular maintenance and protection and must be nourished regularly to remain supple and to avoid cracks. With an appropriate leather cream your shoes will not only shine, but you’ll also prevent the leather from tearing. You can learn more about it in our How To Clean articles about leather shoes and nubuck and suede shoes.  

The right products for the right shoes

In every MISTER MINIT shop you can find a large range of cleaning, maintenance and protection products for any type of shoes you own, whether they are made of leather, suede, nubuck or textile.

Let’s take a look.

Shoe cleaning products to remove water and salt stains

Magic Gum
  • Gel for specific types of leather
  • Combi Foam for nubuck, suede, leather and textile shoes
  • Magic Gum for suede and nubuck shoes

Shoe maintenance products to nourish the material of your shoe

Magic Color
  • Excellence to nourish and to keep every kind of leather supple
  • Cream to freshen up the colours of smooth leather and full-grain leather
  • White to turn white and linen shoes white again and to protect them
  • Leather Magic Colour to enhance or change the colour from light to dark
  • Nubuck Care to protect suede and nubuck shoes and to enhance the colour

Shoe protection products to protect against water, oil and dirt

  • Protector for every kind of material (except for patent leather) to avoid stains and to make the shoes waterproof
  • Grease for sport, walking and working shoes to make it supple and waterproof

Other products

  • Fresh for every type of shoe to remove unpleasant odours
  • Stretch for every type of leather (except for patent and natural leather) to weaken the leather on the inside so that the feet  would fit comfortably in it

What about sport shoes or sneakers?

Don’t forget your sport shoes and sneakers. They deserve your full attention too. Cleaners and water repellents provide a good care for your shoes . With our sneaker cleaner, a cleaning gel with an adapted brush, you will clean your dirty sneakers in no time! Discover our whole range here.

Make sure your favourite shoes remain your favourites for years!

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