Ink cartridge refilling service

Cartouches d'encre

More than 150 Mister Minit shops offer a printer cartridge refilling service. Just come to one of our shops with your empty cartridge and have a cartridge of the same model filled within 48 hours!

Save up to 60%

Consumables are often expensive, and their price is only increasing year by year. In addition, cartridges must be renewed regularly!

By having your cartridges refilled at Mister Minit, you will realize significant savings over buying a new cartridge.

Express service

The refilled cartridge is available maximum 48 hours after you have ordered it in the shop.

A wide choice of cartridges

At Mister Minit, we are refilling a very wide range of cartridges as well as several models of toners.

An ecological approach

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Hundreds of millions of ink cartridges are consumed in France each year. They are all waste and they pollute our environment bit by bit.

Buying a refilled cartridge is making a gesture for the planet. Instead of throwing away your cartridge, you're giving it a new life.