How MISTER MINIT became a specialist in smartphone repairs


You recently dropped your smartphone resulting in a broken touch screen. Of course you want to have your smartphone repaired, rather than buying a new one. It is certainly worthwhile given the money you have spent on buying your smartphone.

MISTER MINIT is the pioneer in offering a “repair while you wait service” for shoe repair, key duplication and engraving. We also now apply that principle to our smartphone repair service.

MISTER MINIT’s smartphone repair service

For decades MISTER MINIT has been known as a specialist for many different kinds of convenient “repair while you wait”. And because our culture is one of constant development, we frequently introduce new services that respond to our customers’ changing needs.

Accordingly, we have for the past couple of years been offering smartphone repair and watch repair.

Which smartphone repairs does MISTER MINIT offer?

Here are some of the smartphone repair services which we offer while you wait or whilst you do some other shopping:

  • Smartphone broken screen
  • Worn out smartphone battery
  • Scratched smartphone back cover
  • Not working smartphone home button

Smartphone repair service for more difficult and specific problems and defects.

MISTER MINIT also has a solution for the more difficult and specific smartphone repairs that cannot be carried out while you wait, such as :

  • Replacing an internal loudspeaker
  • Replacement of smartphone WIFI antenna
  • Replacement of rear or front smartphone camera
  • Smartphone deoxidation

The shop operator sends your smartphone to the central repair hub. Once repaired, you retrieve your repaired smartphone at your nearest MISTER MINIT shop.

We do all this at competitive prices.

In a short space of time, MISTER MINIT has already become a reference point and the specialist in smartphone repair !

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