How to stretch shoes & to achieve a long-lasting effect?

How To Stretch Shoes

You found a  perfect pair of shoes that would look stunning on your feet. And before you knew it, you purchased them - without even trying them on.  Now you are at home, realizing they are too tight. But what can you do about it? You can try freeze them overnight or stuff them with  paper to make your shoes wider. But that will only help for a couple of days, doesn’t it? Luckily, at MISTER MINIT we have a couple of ways to gently stretch them out for longer.

There are a lot of ways to stretch your shoes yourself. For example, you can use our MISTER MINIT STRETCH spray. Just shake it, spray it on the inside of the tight areas of your shoe, put your shoe on and you’re done!

Not able to get the effect you want on your own? These are the issues our cobblers can help you with:  

Parts of your shoes that can be stretched

1.      The front of your shoe

One of the most common shoe problems is that the shoes have a perfect size when it comes to the length, while the width is way too tight. This causes hard skin or small blisters, but can be resolved by stretching the front upper or the throat line of your shoes.

Leather and plastic shoes are the easiest to stretch. Other materials are a bit more complicated, so make sure you  explore your options with one of our professional cobblers. Usually he puts them on a boot tree to stretch your shoes. With more complicated shoes, he might also use one of the machineries to warm them up and make them wider.

But remember…

Although the width of your shoes is  usually adjustable, the length isn’t due to a fixed size of the outsole. Yet adapting the width of your shoes can give you the comfort and space you need and want to feel.

2.      The shaft of your boot

Not  many people know that they can also adjust the width of their boots. It might  be useful if you have wider calves or bought slightly tight shoes. Depending on the boots, there are two ways our shoemaker makes the shafts of your boots wider:

  •  By using a boot tree

Plain boots (boots without zippers or horizontal stitches) are placed on a special boot tree so that they can easily be reshaped.

  • By adding boot calf extenders

If boot trees don’t help, our shoemaker can place extenders on the shaft or,  if there is a zipper,  add two extenders on both sides. This precise work isn’t suitable for every shoe because materials might be different or the front stitches might move.

Considering stretching your shoes?

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Did you know you could also tighten your boots?

How To Widen Shoes

Do your boots have extra space that you don't need? Shafts that are too wide can also be made smaller. If you have too much space in your toe area, you can consider using innersoles. Visit one of our shops and we will be happy to help you out.

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