How to replace a cylinder lock yourself?

Cylinder Replacement MISTER MINIT

Watch the video below and get to work…
Replacing a cylinder has never been so easy!

Step 1:

Remove the old cylinder from your door:

  • Unscrew the main screw (red dot)

  • Place the key inside the cylinder and turn it to the left or right, to make sure that the carrier is parallel with the cylinder.

  • Push the cylinder out of the lock (maybe you need to push hard)

Step 2:

Measure the size of the old cylinder:

You need to measure the distance from the middle to both sides of the cylinder (left and right).
(standard measures are 30 – 30 : corresponds with 30 mm left from the middle and 30 mm right from the middle of the cylinder)

Step 3:

Take those measures or your old cylinder to MISTER MINIT to buy a new one. There are different safety levels :

  • If you choose a standard cylinder, the key can be duplicated anywhere else.
  • If you choose a safety cylinder, you receive a property card (a certificate) with a unique code. Mintus is our own brand and stands for the highest safety level. Only MISTER MINIT can duplicate this key and only if you have a property card

Step 4:

Place the new cylinder : Place the key inside the cylinder and turn a little bit to the right or left, to make sure that the carrier is parallel with the cylinder .

Step 5:

If necessary you can add some Lock spray inside the lock to smooth things. (most of the time, a cylinder is inside a lock for years and everything has become a bit rusty, lock spray is the ideal product to fix this).

Step 6:

Place the new cylinder inside the lock of the door and turn with the key until the carrier is fixed in the lock (you will hear or feel a small click).

Step 7:

Place the main screw back in the lock to make sure the cylinder will be fixed.

How to measure a cylinder without removing it from the door?

Place the beginning of the scale under the main screw and measure each side separately. Please remind that you have to add the size of the fittings /covers which are left and right in case they aren’t assembled .

Our Mintus cylinder is available as from 51,80 € (depending on the size) and can easily be placed yourself !
You receive 3 keys and a property card with it. Keys can only be duplicated when showing this certificate. Don’t forget that a locksmith is 3 times more expensive….

Placing a cylinder is child’s play!
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