Need a stamp to make your everyday tasks more efficient or a stamp which takes care of your numbering and labeling needs? Or do you need a date stamp? MISTER MINIT has a wide range of stamps that can be used in the office, behind the counter, on the road, in the factory, at home,…

Find the right stamp for your home or office

Office Stamp

MISTER MINIT offers stamps in different sizes, formats and trendy colors. From round or oval to metal and classic or even ecological stamps.

Maybe you wish to stamp your documents fast and  easily with just a date or with a combination of text and date. That’s also possible! Check out the possibilities in your nearest MISTER MINIT shop.

Are you in a rush? Every shop can offer you the most popular and used stamps. More specific and customized stamps with logo are made in our central workshop. You can order these stamps in our shops and pick them up a few days later.

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