Key duplication


Want to avoid losing your keys or to replace a damaged one? Or do you want to surprise your partner with an official key to your new home? Either way, we at MISTER MINIT have advanced key machines and key references to help you to get your duplicate regardless of the type of key you need! 

Proper key duplications for every type of lock…

Key Duplication For Every Lock

From duplicating keys for doors, back doors, interior doors, cars motorcycles, bikes, boats, planes, lockers, ski boxes, mail boxes and closets (antique and new) to safes, beach cabins, suitcases, roll-down shutters and garage doors…

Every MISTER MINIT shop has at least 500 references in stock – the common ones - which can be duplicated in the shop while you wait. 

… even when you have special keys

Do you own a special key? No worries, in our central key center we have almost 15.000 references to make sure your key can be properly duplicated fast and conveniently. Just order them at your nearest MISTER MINIT shop and we’ll deliver them to that same shop within a few days.

But that’s not all! The most popular key duplications are also available in different colors and designs!  This helps you to find the right key immediately. 

Key Duplication Machine

An extra tip…

Using your keys everyday will cause wear and tear. We advise you to repair a curved key as soon as possible to  prevent the key from  getting stuck in a cylinder.

Let us duplicate your key now!

P.S. Did you know we can also take care of broken key heads? Watch the video below to learn how our specialists fix them!