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Have you lost your car keys or is the key casing damaged by use? Or are you worried about losing the only car key you have?  It's really important to copy your car key when you have a damaged key or when you need a spare copy. Luckily MISTER MINIT can help you by duplicating your car key or replacing the key case.

Car keys 

Our specialists at MISTER MINIT can duplicate almost all car keys. However, if you provide us with the car model and year of manufacture, we will inform you immediately whether the key can be duplicated or not. If we can duplicate the key, our in-store technician will do it while you wait. Watch the video below and see how we do this.  

Car key information service:

  • Canarias: +34 662 655 798 
  • Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Jaén, Málaga:  +34 670 216 415
  • Resto de España: +34 667 517 487
  • Andorra: +376 86 90 81

Is your car key damaged? Don't worry, we can fix it.

Mechanical keys for cars and motorbikes are a thing of the past. Nowadays keys with electronic systems are more common. In order to ensure the security of the car, new and more sophisticated security systems are being developed every day. The procedure of these systems is that the car or motorbike key sends a signal to the vehicle. A small receiver is installed inside the car, which reacts to the signal by giving the car permission to start.

If the car key casing has broken or damaged and the electronic system still works, our specialists can fit a new casing for almost any car model.

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