Faulty battery, losing power

Faulty battery, losing power

Does the battery of your smartphone drain too fast? Or is your phone getting very hot while you are recharging or using it? Many batteries drain completely after 3 years of use. Some Smartphones already shut down even though the battery level is 60% or they are getting hot when you navigate for more than 10 minutes. Have your battery replaced if you realize that it's not working properly. In some MISTER MINIT shops our professional staff can replace your battery with a new one in just a few minutes.

Are you expecting an important call, but your battery is empty?

There is nothing more annoying than an empty battery when you need to use your smartphone. Those things always happen when you least expect it. It is usually acceptable that with time your battery won’t function as well as it did in the beginning. But if you’re tired of charging your phone or carrying an external battery with you all the time, it might be the right time to replace your battery.

One of the signs indicating that your phone battery is draining too fast is shorter time between charge cycles. Another sign is the temperature of the battery. Is your phone getting very hot when you are recharging or using it? This can be caused by a faulty battery.

Battery replacement smartphone

Would you like to replace the battery so you can extend the life of your Samsung smartphone or Apple iPhone? Just visit your nearest MISTER MINIT shop and our professionals will replace your smartphone battery within minutes.

Get your new battery now!