5 Shoe Care Mistakes To Avoid

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Some people have a lot of shoes, other only have a few. But in any case it is important to take good care of your shoes, so you can wear them for many years to come. Unfortunately, not everybody knows how to take good care of their shoes. Here’s a list of shoe care mistakes that are often made and might lead to unnecessary throwing away shoes. And for every mistake we have one or more solutions to prevent the shoe waste pile from increasing in size.

Mistake 1: Wearing shoes that are too tight

Have you recently bought shoes that were fitting well in the shop, but now they seem to be too tight? Or did you buy new shoes without trying them on, just because it’s your actual shoe size? Don’t let them languish somewhere in your shoe closet, but stretch them and maybe you can even enjoy wearing them for years.

The MISTER MINIT solution:

A quick and easy solution to stretch your leather shoes yourself is our MISTER MINIT Stretch spray. Just shake the bottle, spray it on the inside of the tight areas of your shoes and wear them immediately. If necessary, you can always repeat the treatment.

For a long-term stretching of your shoes or the shaft of your boot, you can visit your MISTER MINIT shop. In the shops we have a shoe stretching machine that stretches your shoes overnight or during a couple of days. This shoe stretching solution can give you the comfort and space you need to wear your shoes without any pain.

But be aware that we can only adjust the width of your shoes, not the length.

Mistake 2: Wearing uncomfortable shoes

Uncomfortable shoes can really damage your health, not only your feet. They can give you painful feet, deform your toes or you can even suffer from back pain. 

Here are some solutions to avoid pain and to let you wear your shoes in an elegant way.

The MISTER MINIT solution:

Uncomfortable High Heels

Wearing high heels can be very elegant, but also really uncomfortable when you have to walk a lot or stand up all evening. You can relieve some pain in the ball of your feet by inserting gel or leather inserts. Gel insoles may feel more comfortable and ideally suited to wear in open shoes, but tend to slip if your feet perspire.

If your feet suffer from redness, blisters or cuts on the heels, your shoes may be a bit too large and the back is rubbing against your heel when you walk. Heel cushions or half soles can be a solution to make your shoes fit properly.

If the bottom of your feet is painful or your feet suffer from calluses, the insoles of your shoes can be insufficiently supporting. In your MISTER MINIT shop you can find a wide range of insoles, from memory foam soles to leather footbeds.

Mistake 3: Wearing the same shoes everyday

Even though you might have many pairs of shoes, you tend to have a favorite pair that you wear every day or almost every day. As you wear shoes, the leather soaks up the perspiration given off by your feet. 

If your shoes have not enough chance to dry completely, there is a chance that your shoes begin to smell. They will also will be worn out very quickly.

Shoe Closet

The MISTER MINIT solution:

The best way to extend the life of your shoes and to avoid bad odors is to rotate your shoes regularly. When not wearing your shoes, you should store them properly by inserting shoe trees. Shoe trees can maintain the shape of the shoe and let them dry sufficiently. Shoe trees made from cedar wood can absorb the excess moisture and provide a fresh aroma. You can read all about our different styles of shoe trees in this blog article.

You can disinfect your shoes also with MISTER MINIT Fresh. Just spray the product inside the shoes and let it work in overnight. You even can treat the innersoles with this spray.  

Mistake 4: Storing your shoes without treating them

It’s not necessary to treat your shoes immediately after you have worn them. But if you never clean them, the leather in your shoes can crack and you won’t get rid of water, snow or mud stains out of your shoes. The will look totally worn out and not neat, and that’s not what you want, isn’t it?

The MISTER MINIT solution:

Keep your shoes looking new and fresh by cleaning them with MISTER MINIT Combi and treating them afterwards with gel, cream or other MISTER MINIT products. Conditioning your shoes on a regular base can keep the leather supple and the color fresh. Don’t forget to regularly treat them with the Protector to make them water repellent and dirt-resistant.

Mistake 5: Throwing away your shoes without a repair

Treating your shoes can extend their lifetime, but having your shoes repaired can also make a difference. You don’t have to throw away your favorite pair of shoes, just because of a broken heel, zipper or a missing buckle.

The MISTER MINIT solution:

Drop buy in your MISTER MINIT shop and find out how we can repair your shoes. From a small buckle replacement to a brand new sole or heel, the store operator can give you the best advice.

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