Remote controls


Want to protect your home from unwelcome guests? If you own an automatic gate, fence or garage door a remote control does not only make your life more convenient, but also gives  additional security to your house. Especially if you own the one that secures them all  at once! 

Most remote controls for gates work with radio service. Those transmitters will send a command or code through a certain radio frequency, which will control your automatic gate.    

Did you lose your remote control or do you wish to have an extra remote control? At MISTER MINIT we can easily duplicate your remote control for you and your family. But not only that, we can also program different remote controls on one device. That way you can use the same device to open:

  • garage door (button 1)
  •  fence (button 2)
  • the second garage door (button 3)

So what are you waiting on?

Duplicate or optimize your remote control now!

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