How to get your keys back?

How to get your keys back?

Having almost 60 years of experience in the key duplication business, we could easily create a dedicated blog with our clients’ stories about lost keys. “I lost my keys in public transport … “ and “ I lost my keys because I dropped them in a manhole … “ would be a successful story about lost keys.

This article contains a couple of tips on how to get back your lost keys if that’s the case. However, the best approach to avoid this situation is to copy you keys and to ask your neighbors or another trustworthy person to store them you. We also remind you that you should never leave your name or address on your keyring. You can imagine what would happen if burglars find your lost keys.

How to find lost keys in public transport

Looking at our French neighbors, between August and October 2014, 2.978 keyrings reached the lost and found office in Paris. That means 32 lost keyrings collected every day and only 5% of keys lost in 2014 have reached their original owner (source). Do you want a final anecdote? 121 bank notes ended up at this office during the same period and only one owner got his money back. True story!

You have lost your keys in transport? The best option is to contact the transport company to let them know you have lost your keys. You can also ask at the closest counter if a driver has found your keys. You can also visit the local police station or the mayor to check if a friendly soul brought back your lost keys. After one week, lost objects, so maybe also your lost keys, are sent back to the lost and found office.

How to get back your keys that have been dropped in a manhole

Most of the

cities in Switzerland can help you after you dropped your keys in a manhole!

The service is free in most cases. Of course, it’s always good to tip the one

who found your lost keys!

Copy your keys

To copy your keys is the best and easiest way in avoiding problems when you loose your keys. It is best to do that before you loose them, but certainly do it after you found back your lost keys. Find your nearest MISTER MINIT to copy your keys now. Our staff will help you to copy all your keys, including copy car keys, copy high security and copy patented keys.