How MISTER MINIT Can Repair Your Belt

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Belt straps exist in various materials, lengths and styles. Whether you have a leather or a fabric belt, or a thin or a wide belt, you wear them around your waste to keep your pants in place or as a fashion accessory.  After a while the stitching on your belt can come loose or the buckle can break. It can even happen that your belt has become too large after weight loss. In addition to shoe repair, MISTER MINIT also repairs belts. Read here all about our belt repairs.

1 Shortening the belt strap

It happens to all of us, you finally find the belt you were looking for for so long, but it is not the right size.  Shortening your belt in the desired length is an easy fix. Drop buy in your nearest MISTER MINIT shop for more advice. But remember, we can only shorten your belt,  not lengthen it.

2 Punching extra holes in your belt

 Are there not enough holes in your belt or do you need extra holes because of major weight loss? Your problem can easily be solved in your nearest MISTER MINIT shop. The shop operator can punch extra  holes in your belt within seconds.

3 Repair the stitching on your belt

The edges of belt straps are often finished with stitching. These stitches can come off after a period of intensive use. That way, your belt can look totally worn out. Don’t throw away your favourite belt, but let MISTER MINIT replace the stitching. Your belt can look brand new again and you can enjoy it for many years to come.

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4 Replace the broken buckle

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The buckle on your belt has a lot to suffer due to constantly opening and closing your belt. The buckle can come loose or break completely. MISTER MINIT has a wide variety of buckles that matches your belt. Just drop by in your nearest MITER MINIT shop for more advice.

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