The MINIT Group today

More than 60 years of exceptional service !

  • The MINIT Group is the market leader in offering fast services to customers in Europe.
  • Our Group is represented in 14 countries, operates from more than 650 shops and employs more than 1.500 people (in 2021).


  • MISTER MINIT and MONTRE Service are the two brands of the MINIT Group.
  • MISTER MINIT is best known for shoe repair and key duplication, our core business. However, engraving, stamps, watch battery and strap replacement and recently smartphone repairs, complete our offer.

A line up of our services and products

Traditional services

  • Shoe repair
  • Key & remote control duplicaton
  • Engraving
  • Car identification

Specialised services

  • Security
  • Watch repair
  • Smartphone repair
  • ID photo
  • Stamps

but also ...

  • Shoe care products
  • Engraved gifts
  • Leather goods
  • Batteries

... and much more !

Central services

Most services are immediately done on site (local stores). More specialist repairs and duplications are carried out in the Central Shoe Repair Center and Full Key Department based near Brussels.