Cracked screen

Cracked smartphone screen

Did you drop your smartphone? That's bad luck, but these things happen. Don’t give up on your smartphone just yet because of a cracked screen. At MISTER MINIT we can replace your cracked smartphone screen while you  wait in the shop.

What to do with a broken smartphone screen?

If your smartphone has a cracked screen, first check how bad the damage is. A cracked screen doesn’t make your smartphone completely worthless.

Repairing a broken screen is perfectly possible,  and you can continue using your smartphone for years! Buying a new smartphone would be much more expensive! Curious of how broken smartphone screens are replaced? Watch the video below.

Cracked Screen Smartphone

Obviously, repairing a smartphone screen is not for everyone. Our MISTER MINIT specialists will install a brand new, perfectly fitting and functioning screen of excellent quality on your device.

Phone dropping is hard to avoid but you should consider giving your smartphone some addition protection with a tempered glass protector, available in your MISTER MINIT shop. This extra protection could save your phone next time round.

Let us replace your cracked screen now!