Shoe accessories

Shoe accessories

Whether you want to  improve the comfort while wearing your favourite shoes or you need a pair of laces… MISTER MINIT offers a whole range of shoe accessories that help you in any way. 

Insoles and foot beds

Regular shoes, sport shoes, heels… for every type of shoe there’s a different type of insole. Our selection of insoles includes insoles of all kinds of materials including gel, woolen, cushioned and more. Especially insoles and foot beds in leather and cotton are the most popular ones. They support your feet, provide an ultimate wear comfort all day long and also absorb sweat and remove odour!

Regular and coloured laces

Need an extra pair of laces? Pick some coloured ones! MISTER MINIT offers flat, thin and round laces in all sizes and colours. That allows you to quickly personalize your shoes. Not sure which size you need? It all depends  on the number of eyelets you have:

Thin laces
  • 45 cm = 2 pairs of eyelets
  • 60 cm = 3 pairs of eyelets
  • 75 cm = 4 pairs of eyelets
  • 90 cm = 6 pairs of eyelets
  • 120 cm = 8 pairs of eyelets
  • 150 cm = 10 pairs of eyelets
  • 180 cm = 12 pairs of eyelets

Shoe trees

Keeping your shoes in shape can be tricky especially if they’ve been wet or exposed to the sun. It is particularly difficult with the leather shoes, because the leather can even crack if the shoes are extremely dirty. That’s when shoe trees  become useful.

Place a shoe tree in your shoes when you’re not wearing them or when they’re drying after you have cleaned them or if they’ve been in the rain. By doing this you ensure that they stay in good shape. An additional advantage is that they can also help to make the shoes a bit wider if needed.

MISTER MINIT offers plastic and wooden shoe trees. Or boot trees to maintain the beautiful shape of your boots.

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