Number plates

Numer plate on car

Do you need a new number plate for your new car or an additional number plate for your trailer or bike rack? Is your number plate no longer readable or has it been stolen? At MISTER MINIT we can duplicate your number plate in no time.

Types of number plates

MISTER MINIT has the necessary machines in the shops to duplicate the number plates of your car, trailer or bike rack while you wait. Those number plates are officially approved by the authorities.

What types of number plates can we duplicate?

  • European number plates 
  • Personalized number plates

Number plate holder

A number plate can easily be attached on any type of vehicle by a number plate holder with preformatted holes. The number plate can be attached to the number plate holder with just 4 little screws. A number plate holder is available in your MISTER MINIT shop.

Let us duplicate your number plate now!