Card Shield

RFID Card Shield

Contactless payments can be made by keeping your credit or debit bank card close to a payment terminal equipped with contactless technology such as Near Field Communication (NFC) or radio-frequency identification (RFID). You don’t even have to enter a pin code for all amounts under 25 €. However, this contactless technology involves risks. Fraudsters can steal your information and money by scanning your bank card. To avoid theft, MISTER MINIT offers the RFID & NFC CARD SHIELD. A simple, yet very trustworthy protection against digital pick-pocketing.

How does it work?

The CARD SHIELD protects your contactless credit and debit cards by creating a surrounding electronic protective field (approximately 4 cm radius) which makes all your bank cards invisible to the nearby scanners. Just place the CARD SHIELD between your cards to hide your information from thieves. Watch the video below to see how it works.

Other advantages?

Rfid Shield Mm 2018 Card Recto
  • The CARD SHIELD is easy to use. You can simply place it near your bank cards and you're done!  
  • The CARD SHIELD has the same size as your bank card so you can put it easily in your wallet, your card holder or your pocket.
  • The CARD SHIELD doesn’t need batteries to work, so you don’t have to charge it or replace the batteries. The card will use its own “enemy” as a power supply!

Need more security?

One Card Shield provides a very effective protection for wallets with a thickness of max. 4 cm thick. For a thicker wallet, we recommend you to use 2 cards. Therefore, MISTER MINIT offers a double pack with 2 blocking cards. If your wallet isn’t thicker than 4 cm, you can use the second card as a gift for a loved one. Not yet completely convinced? Drop by in one of our MISTER MINIT shops for more information!