That’s how you personalize your sneakers !

That’s how you personalize your sneakers !

You have a cool pair of sneakers, but you wish to add a personal touch to them ?
Because…what’s better than a unique pair of sneakers ?!

Sneaker Patches

Trend alert ! Patches are unstoppable and you see them everywhere. As from this summer you can find those cute fashion accessories also at MISTER MINIT.
Personalize Sneakers
Color up your sneakers with our colored laces. Beside our regular offer of laces, there are plenty of new colors for this summer!
Colored Laces
Sometimes a detail can make your sneakers look completely different. We would like to give you some inspiration. Be crazy!
Lace 1

Straight Bar Style

Lace 2

Ladder Style

Onehand Lacing 03

One Hand Style

Cross Lacing 04

Cross Style

Lattice Lacing 05

Lattice Style

Or have a look at our movie and see how you can do this with your sneakers.