Why Insoles Are Good For Your Health (And Your Shoes)

Feet are subjected to great amounts of pressure and shocks. This pressure can lead to foot disorders. To protect your feet, keep them comfortable and prevent you from pain, shoe insoles can be added into your shoes. However, the importance of insoles is often underestimated. Read here why shoe insoles are important for your health AND your shoes.

1. Why insoles are good for your feet ?

There are several types of insoles, the flat insoles and preformed insoles or footbeds. Both types of insoles are made of high quality materials to provide enhanced comfort to your feet when adding them into your shoes.

Flat insoles made from vegetable tanned sheep leather or soft cotton absorb moisture, maintain breathability and give stability while walking. These insoles are perfectly flat, can be added in every type of shoe without making your shoes too tight.

Foam insoles, where your feet sinks slowly into the foam, give extra support and are ideally suited for any kind of sport and leisure footwear. These insoles adapt completely to your feet, offer protection to your joints and prevent fatigue during long periods of walking, standing or running.

Watch the video below to see how they work: