How to clean sneakers when you’re on the move or don’t have much time?

How to clean sneakers when you’re on the move or don’t have much time?

Oh, how we love to wear comfortable sneakers such as the iconic Nike Air shoes, Air Jordans or Adidas Stan Smith sneakers! Especially during spring or summer, when it’s the perfect time for lots of citytrips, parties, festivals and more. Yet once in a while your favourite sneakers tend to get dirty during these great moments. And in that case, you better be prepared!

Almost anyone has a pair of sneakers in their closet that they cannot live without. You drag them along to almost any event or trip. As a result, your sneakers get dirty on the most random places. Whether it’s during a road trip in India or a festival abroad.

Keeping your sneakers fresh are just as important as your sneakers themselves. Though you want to spend little time cleaning them during these wonderful moments, it’s better to do so. On long-term you always win by cleaning them instantly after a new stain or scuffmark.

What to do when you don't have much time?

One answer: sneaker cleaning wipes. With these wipes you can easily remove scuff marks and water stains on all types of fabric and materials, even suede. They’re quick and easy to use and will make your next cleaning session much easier.

On top of that, the sneaker cleaning wipes from MISTER MINIT are small enough to be taken with you everywhere and are packed separately for fast and convenient use. You just need to follow these 2 steps and you’re good to go:

  • Try to clean stains as soon as possible by wiping carefully the stain from outside to inside
  • Let the product of these wipes sink in for 2 minutes

But don’t forget to properly take care of them afterwards!

Sneaker cleaning wipes are ideal for cleaning your shoes on most random places. But don’t forget to thoroughly clean them once in a while.