MISTER MINIT has a large range of stamps that can be used in the office, behind the counter, on the road, in the factory, at home,…


We offer different sizes, formats and trendy colors. Round, oval, metal, classic wooden stamps, ecological stamps,…

Or do you wish to stamp your documents fast and easy with just a date? Or a combination of text and date? That’s possible!

Do you have already a stamp of your company but you moved recently? An adaptation in our central workplace and your stamp is up-to-date!
Are you in a rush? Every shop offers you the most popular and used stamps. More specific and customized stamps with logo are made in our central workplace and can be picked up a few days later in the shop.

Do you need a second number plate? A nice keyring? Some passport pictures before you go on vacation? Small leather goods like bags or wallets? Or printing matters like invitations, Christmas cards,…. MISTER MINIT can help you with all those things. Visit one of our stores and we’ll help you anyway we can!