Small leather goods

Shoes, bags, leather, leather goods,… Wallets and purses are a logical extension of our core business.


MISTER MINIT wants to offer quality products that are functional and timeless. We offer classic models to store your cards, small change and notes.

This is a little easier for men collections, because women wallets and purses are more fashion related. But we try to follow the trends in materials, sizes and colors to offer something special.

Come and have a look at our collection of small leather goods, because the place where you keep your most valuable products deserves some extra attention…

Do you need a second number plate? A nice keyring? A stamp for your company? Some passport pictures before you go on vacation? Or printing matters like invitations, Christmas cards,…. MISTER MINIT can help you with all those things. Visit one of our stores and we’ll help you anyway we can!