Passport photos

Subscriptions, ID, driver’s license, student card, … so many applications that require an official photo ID.
Or are you planning a trip outside Europe?
Than you need to have an international passport for every member of your family that is travelling with you.


Recently pass photos need to comply with a whole range of strict conditions: background, exposure, position, accessories (glasses),…everything is legally defined. Photos printed at home or in a small photo booth at a supermarket are usually not accepted because they don’t comply with the required conditions.

But no need to panic, at MISTER MINIT we have the right equipment and trained shop operator to take your official photo in a couple of minutes!

Do you need a second number plate? A nice keyring? A stamp for your company? Small leather goods like bags or wallets? Or printing matters like invitations, Christmas cards,…. MISTER MINIT can help you with all those things. Visit one of our stores and we’ll help you anyway we can!