The Importance Of A Highly Visible House Number

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Every building should have a house number. House numbers come in all shapes, sizes and colours and are becoming more and more obligatory by the town or city. A clear and legible house number is practical for mail exchange, but can also be crucial in case of an emergency. Read here why you should check whether your house number is clearly visible to everyone.

Receive your mail or packages on time

The postman who makes his rounds every day will, after a while, put the right mail in the right mailbox. But for his colleague, a hidden or a missing house number can cause loss of time and frustration. Both for the postman and for residents who do not receive the mail on time. Invoices, reminders or important documents can get lost because they get stuck in the next door mailbox or are returned to sender.

Just like the mail, parcels are also delivered to the home. After ordering and paying for a parcel online, you will usually receive a delivery date. Courier services often have a tight schedule and have to deliver parcels on time or by the hour.

So if you are waiting for an urgent delivery, don't let the courier drive around unnecessarily in your street searching for your house!

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Avoid meals that are delivered cold

Do you occasionally order a pizza or other hot meals? Then you would like your food to be delivered warm, right? Just imagine that the meal delivery guy can't find your house right away because your house number is not visible from the street! So avoid a cold meal and go to your nearest MISTER MINIT shop today and get your house number or door plate engraved.

In an emergency, every minute counts

The most important reason why a house number should be clearly visible is for the emergency services. 

Just imagine that the fire brigade, ambulance or police cannot find your house or flat immediately. 

In some emergencies, every minute can be crucial!

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Make your house number the eye-catcher of your house!

Don’t have a house number or doorplate yet or is it time for a replacement? Are you hesitating between just a number or a number combined with a name? MISTER MINIT offers standard plastic door plates which can be personalized in store while you wait.

Also customized designs are possible. We engrave your number and/or name on plastic, acrylic glass, aluminum or messing in different sizes and colours. For more advice about house numbers and doorplates just drop by in your nearest MISTER MINIT shop!

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