How To Refresh The Color Of Your Shoes Yourself

How To Refresh The Color Of Your Shoes Yourself

Do you think immediately of a new pair of shoes at the start of every new season? Or do you stay loyal to your favorite but worn out ones? Did you know that you can bring back to life your old shoes by simply refreshing their color? Learn here how to refresh the color of your leather, suede or nubuck shoes yourself.

The best results of refreshing the color of your shoes are being obtained when cleaning them before treatment. You can brush away the dirt and clean them with water, but you can use the MISTER MINIT Combi. This product is suited for cleaning all kinds of leather, suede, nubuck and textile materials and protects against dirt and rain. 

Refresh the color of your leather shoes

Once your shoes are properly cleaned, you can start by enhancing their color. A cream, similar to the color of your smooth or grained leather shoes, can be applied sparingly and evenly with a soft brush or a sponge applicator.

After applying the cream, let it dry and then polish with a soft cloth.

The cream will not only enhance the color, but will also nourish and protect the shoe from stains. 

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Tip: be careful around stitches that may have a different color and make sure to test the cream on an inconspicuous area first. 

For a more intensive treatment of smooth and rough leathers, you can use a highly effective shoe polish such as the MISTER MINIT Color Renovator. Thanks to the color pigments in the polish the leather will be nourished and it will get a powerful shine. This Color Renovator is perfectly suited to cover damages on children's shoes.

Enhance the color of your Suede & Nubuck shoes

You can't avoid getting your nubuck and suede shoes dirty. So, it’s best to clean and protect them properly to keep them looking in top condition.

To preserve the characteristics of your suede or nubuck shoes, you can use a Nubuck Spray. This spray refreshes the color and makes them water repellent.

This spray is neat and easy to apply and comes in different colors. After cleaning your shoes, you only need to spray them, let them dry and brush them with a rough brush.

Suede Shoes

Tip: To achieve  the maximum effect, repeat this procedure regularly.