4 Easy Fixes To Make Your Summer Shoes Look Brand-New Again

Blog Header 4 Easy Fixes To Make Your Summer Shoes Look Brand New Again

Oh, how we love summer! There’s nothing better than sunny weather, especially while discovering the urban jungle or being abroad and sipping a fabulous cocktail. But that carefree feeling can be spoilt if your favourite pair of (possibly expensive) flats or sandals breaks. Don’t worry, you may be able to repair them! Here’s a list of fixes that can actually solve your problem and help you put your best foot forward.

1. Resole your shoes

Almost all of us have a favourite pair of sandals, flats or slippers that we wear all the time. Naturally, overtime the soles wear out, which can cause discomfort and reduce the wearability of your summer shoes drastically. In a worst case scenario, wear and tear might even cause a hole in your shoe sole!

Depending on the type of material, cobblers like ours can replace the worn out parts with protective soles or place an entire new sole if necessary by stitching or gluing it. Even new innersoles can sometimes be a great solution in case your old ones got loose or lost its supportive shape. For the best results, don’t delay with these repairs.

2. Replace broken buckles

Sandal Buckles

Buckles seem to be everlasting, but sometimes they just aren’t what they used to be and just become loose or fall off. In that case, a great solution might be to replace your broken buckles with new ones in the same size. And bonus: generally, you can even pick another colour to give your sandals a trendy look.  

3. Fix the shoe straps of your sandals

Black Womens Sandals

Just as the buckles of your sandals, most shoe straps (even velcro ones) aren’t granted with a long life either. They can become frayed, discoloured, broken or torn. Let’s face it, even if it isn’t broken yet, it might look tired and about to break. Maybe you can consider bringing them into your nearest MISTER MINIT shop to let us fix it.

4. Reattach flip flop straps to your slippers

One of the most common problems with summer shoes is definitely having the circular stoppers popping out of your slippers or loose flip flop straps. Before you start looking for a replacement  pair, you can actually consider getting the existing one fixed. And we are not suggesting a short-term fix with some DIY material, but a long-term solution by properly stitching the circular stopper back onto the insole. 

In the video below we show you an example of how the specialists at MISTER MINIT do this.

Haven’t seen a solution for your summer shoes yet?

Our specialists are always happy to help you and discuss the possibilities. Even if this means that they have to send your shoes to our central shoe repair center. After all, some types of sandals, slippers or flats need to be treated with special care.

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