New watches

Every man with a passion for watches has on his wish list a watch that is simply not affordable. That’s okay, dreaming is allowed. But until the dream comes true, it is worthwhile exploring other inexpensive alternatives that might feel and look almost equally good. A good style doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. There are plenty of nice accessories in the market to complete your outfit.

At MISTER MINIT we have selected 6 well-known watch brands.


Men who like an authentic and strong design, who value solidness and masculinity should choose ‘Hector H’.

Not only rugby fans, but all men who want to make an impression with a sporty and strong watch, can choose a watch from the ‘All blacks’ collection.

Casio’ stands for durability and technology, a watch you can wear for years!

If you want something young, fun and sporty you should check out the models from ‘Tekday’.

If you treat your watch like a jewel, then Certus will make you happy. Those watches were developed with much attention to design.

The number one reference for women is the French brand ‘Go’, stylish and trendy watches where creativity and colors attract everyone’s attention.

Do you need a small adjustment to your watch strap? Did the batteries run out? Do you need a new strap? Want to test if your watch is waterproof? MISTER MINIT is a watch specialist and will help you for a small or big repair.