What To Do With Your Pets When You Go On Vacation?

Dog On Holiday With Pet Tag

Summer’s here! Which means it’s time for a well-deserved vacation! But what do you with your pets this summer? Do they travel with you or will they stay at home with a professional pet sitter, a friend or a neighbour? Before going on holiday, don’t forget to think of your pets safety! Here are 2 tips for a stressless holiday with or without your pets.

1 Provide your pet’s collar with an engraved pet tag

Whether you take your pet on holiday or leave them in the care of a pet sitter, friends or neighbours, your pet can get lost. 

Most dogs and cats are already microchipped, but your pet should also have a collar with an engraved pet tag.  It’s not always possible to read the microchip, so a pet tag with an engraved name and telephone number can speed up the quick and safe return of your precious furry friend. 

Cat With Engraved Pendant
Cat And Dog Engraved Tags

From heart shaped pet tags or round tags to bone shaped tags, MISTER MINIT has a wide range of pet tags to match your pet’s style. Just drop by in your nearest MISTER MINIT shop and have the front and/or backside of the pet tag engraved within minutes with a name, telephone number or other contact information. 

2 Have a spare key for the pet sitter

It’s not always possible to take your pet with you on holidays, especially if you’re going abroad. You can leave them at home and hire a professional pet sitter or you can ask your neighbors or friends to watch over your dog or cat during your absence. 

Having someone come to your home will allow your pet to be comfortable in its usual environment. But before you leave make sure you give them detailed contact information, the contact of your veterinarian and enough food for your pet(s).

Also make sure that your sitter can access your home easily by giving him/her a spare set of keys. In your nearest MISTER MINIT shop you can have your keys duplicated while waiting. If you have a security key, we can duplicate most of the security keys in a couple of days or a bit some longer, but don’t forget to bring your property card!

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