How to Get Your Kids Ready To Go Back To School

How To Get Your Kids Ready To Go Back To School

It's that time of the year again: kids are heading back to school. Time to switch off the holiday mode and to get your kids into the school routine. Backpacks, pencils and lunch boxes are obvious school essentials, but here are 4 back to school tips you maybe haven’t thought about yet.

1. Protect your kid’s bike from theft

Encourage your child to cycle to and from school. Just 15 minutes of exercise can make a real difference to your child’s health. If more children cycle to school, there will be fewer cars around schools.

Always select a suitable bicycle for your children’s age and size and make sure they wear a helmet. To prevent their bike from being stolen, have an appropriate bike lock MISTER MINIT has a large range of bike locks available in the shops, from solid chain locks to cable locks for children.

Bike Locks against bike theft

2. Secure your kid’s school locker

Padlocks School Lockers

Some schools provide lockers for their pupils to keep their belongings safe and secure. Moreover, they don’t have to carry their heavy rucksacks from one class to another. Some school lockers have pre-installed combination locks, but other lockers require a padlock with a key or numbers. 

MISTER MINIT offers a wide range of ABUS padlocks, in different sizes, colors and weights that are ideal for school lockers.

3. Don’t forget the student ID card

A student ID card can be used to access many campus services as well as to several discounts on travel, shopping, accommodation, food, entertainment and public transport. This card serves as a proof of identity, so an official ID picture is required. The photo for this identification card needs to comply with a whole range of strict requirements: background, exposure, position, accessories (glasses),… so it’s recommended to have a picture taken by professionals rather than by yourself.

4. Save money with shoe repairs

The start of a new school year can be very expensive due to the purchases of the new school supplies, school uniforms, etc. You can try to cut costs by having your kids shoes repaired instead of buying them new ones. 

In addition to saving money, shoe repairs are also beneficial for the environment as they reduce waste compared to disposing shoes.

Back To School Shoe Repair
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