Becoming a Mister Minit franchisee?

To make a success of your professional project, you will have our continued support as an entrepreneur. You will benefit from a key concept with personal guidance.

Assistance before opening

  • We support you in finding your location, in negociations and legal conditions.
  • We support you with the setup of your Business Plan together with your accountant.
  • Assistance during your appointments with banks to support your application.
  • We help you with the shop design, administrative procedures and site monitoring during the works.
  • During an initial in-shop training for you and your team, we share our know-how with you.
  • We help you with the ordering of furniture, equipment and stock.

Assistance after opening

  • We provide ongoing technical and commercial training.
  • Once a year, we organise a seminar to exchange ideas and to present the strategy of the company and the brand.
  • You benefit from favorable purchasing conditions thanks to European purchasing power
  • We have a central shoe repair workshop for repairs that cannot be carried out on site.
  • Our franchise advisors ensure technical and commercial support to improve performance.
  • Qualified personnel from our own shops can be made available to replace you in case of absence, at your expense.
  • We provide a support of our services: accounting, marketing, signage, etc.
  • We provide you point of sales communication tools.

Access conditions

An unpaid "discovery" training course of a few days: compulsory, before embarking on the adventure, in one of our shops, to ensure that you have all the qualities required to become a Mister Minit franchisee and that you will enjoy this job.

2 Mister Minit franchise models

It's possible to become a Mister Minit franchisee in two ways: the classic "owner" franchise and the management lease for which the contribution is reduced (€5,000 average).

a. Management lease franchise

Mister Minit retains ownership of the shop's business, which it rents to the franchisee.

Mister Minit provides the franchisee with a shop, ready to open, with furniture and machines.

The franchisee is responsible for maintaining the machines.

The franchisee becomes a real business manager.

The personal contribution is limited for a relatively low investment.

Mister Minit ensures the transmission of its technical and commercial know-how by training and accompanying the franchisee throughout the partnership.

  • Contract duration : 3 years, renewable with a territorial exclusivity zone.
  • Entrance fee : 12 000 € excl. VAT
  • Franchise deposit : variable according to the sites
  • Franchise fee : 15 800 € excl. VAT per year (as at 1 January 2022)
  • Management lease fee (in return for the provision of a shop) : variable according to the sites
  • Minimum personal contribution (variable according to the project) : +/- 5.000 €
  • Global investment : (stock, entrance fee, franchise deposit, training and business start-up costst): 25.000 € excl. VAT (variable according to the project). A bank loan, depending on the case may be necessary.

b. Owner franchise

The franchisee is the owner of the business.

He holds the commercial lease for the shop.

He makes all the investments himself (acquisition of machines, work, purchase of rights to the business, stocks, etc.).

Mister Minit ensures the transmission of its technical and commercial know-how by training and accompanying the franchisee throughout the partnership.

The franchisee becomes a truly independent trader, with sole control over his business.

  • Duration of the franchise contract: 7 years, renewable with a territorial exclusivity zone
  • Franchise entry fee: €12,000 excl. VAT
  • Franchise fee: €15,800 excl. VAT per year (as of 1 January 2022)
  • Total investment (including machines, stock, franchise entry fee, shop fitting costs, training and business creation costs, excluding the cost of acquiring the premises): minimum €140,000 excluding VAT
  • Minimum justified personal contribution: minimum €40,000 (30% of the total investment).
  • The project will be financed by a personal contribution and a bank loan.

Your project in figures ....

(non contractual)

  • Project completion time: between 2 and 6 months depending on the nature of the operation
  • Turnover including VAT after 3 years: Between 120,000 € and 250,000 € (variable according to the sites and the personal involvement of the franchisee and his team)
  • Average gross margin: 85% (variable according to the sites and the pricing policy decided by the franchisee)
  • Average stock: 10.000 € HT
  • Net forecasted remuneration after 3 years of the franchisees: between 2.000€ and 4.000€ per month (variable according to the potential of the site and the remuneration policy decided by the franchisee)

Type of location

  • Catchment area of minimum 40 000 inhabitants.
  • Commercial center (preferably) composed of a shopping mall and a hypermarket
  • A location in front of the hypermarket’s cash registers.
  • In a shop: Total surface of approximately 35 m² with a minimum frontage of 5 metres.
  • in a kiosk: 20m² located in the main mall

The store's strategy

Mister Minit wants to remain the leader in its market:

  • by deploying its network of direct and franchised shops throughout France,
  • by innovating in activities that meet the new expectations of consumers, which will be echoed by the franchisees and its customers,
  • by investing in the omnichannel field to adapt to the constantly changing lifestyles of its customers.

Six reasons to join us

  1. A mutually beneficial partnership based on trust.
  2. A reputation known and recognised by consumers and shopping centre lessors, both nationally and in Europe.
  3. Our ability to adapt continuously for over 65 years.
  4. Assistance from a team at headquarters and in the field to support you in your business project.
  5. A training programme to teach you all aspects of our business.
  6. Proven profitability performance.

Do you have the profile to become a MISTER MINIT franchisee?

8 statements to find out if you have the right profile

  1. You want to open a shop in a catchment area of over 40,000 inhabitants, 
  2. You are a professional in the multiservice market or you want to discover and learn a new trade, 
  3. You like customer contact and sales and you value service,
  4. You have manual skills,
  5. You want to be proud of the services you will provide to your customers, 
  6. You are motivated to join us to benefit from our proven know-how and our reputation with the general public while becoming your own boss,
  7. You have the temperament of an entrepreneur who knows how to adapt to technical and commercial developments in the market
  8. You are willing to work alone or as a couple and to be personally involved in the day-to-day running of the shop, without counting your time (shopping mall hours to be respected).

If you recognize yourself in this description then make our success yours by joining us as an independent franchisee.

Let's meet to discuss your project!

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MINIT France SAS - 60 rue de Wattignies - 75012 PARIS

Opportunities throughout France

In franchise management lease

  • SAINT BRICE SOUS FORET, Carrefour (95350)
  • SAINT ETIENNE, Géant (42000)
  • BRUAY LA BUISSIERE, Cora (62700)
  • BEZIERS, Leclerc (34500)
  • MONTESSON, Carrefour (78360)
  • VILLEBAROU, Cora (41000)

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