Stitch repair

The zipper on your boots doesn’t function anymore? The stitching on your shoe is broken? There’s a tear in your leather shoes?


Torn leather can be stitched. In no time your favorite pair of shoes will look brand new!
Do you have other leather goods that need to be repaired? A torn bag? A worn out velcro tape on your sneakers?

Details matter….but not everybody can repair every detail.
You can rely on MISTER MINIT for all your big and small repairs: a shoe strap replacement, a zipper replacement, stitching a handbag strap,…You name it!

With our specialized stitching machines MISTER MINIT can handle every type of repair!

Looking for products to clean your shoes? Do you have a broken or worn out heel? Do you need a helping hand with a small repair on your shoe or handbag? Looking for shoe accessories like laces or shoe trees? Or maybe you would like to clean or color your sneakers?

We are shoe specialists and are happy to help you with different services!

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