3 Engraving Techniques For The Perfect Christmas Gift

3 Engraving Techniques For The Perfect Christmas Gift

It’s that time of the year again. Time to surprise your loved ones with original Christmas gifts. Have you ever thought about giving an engraved gift? An engraved gift is not only very personal, it’s also something that can last for a lifetime. In this blog you can read more about our engraving ideas that will make your gift the perfect gift.

Text engraving

This engraving technique uses a needle which rotates to remove material and cuts out a 2D text or an object. The cutter’s tip size determines the boldness and the weight of the used font. The thicker the needle, the bigger the cut-out lines. With rotary engraving you can personalize flat metal or plastic gifts, with names, funny texts or objects.

Engraved Zippo

In our MISTER MINIT shops you can find a wide variety of immediately engravable items, such as keyrings, pens, pendants for your loved ones and zippo lighters. Or maybe you have already an ideal gift in mind and you would like to have it engraved? You can come to us to personalize your own object. And why not to treat your dog or cat with an engraved name tag for Christmas?

In this video we show you an example of how a personalized keyring can look like.