A few ideas for engraved gifts you did not think of, yet !


Everybody knows the typical items that are engraved such as engraved rings, engraved pens, engraved Zippos, engraved key chains … Sure we engrave them for you because these items become special and personal with an engraving. However, if you are looking for something different, we have 5 ideas for engraved gifts for you.

1. Engraved frame

The classic personal gift is certainly a picture frame with a nice photo. But have you ever thought about engraving the frame itself to make it even more personal ? Just look for some picture frames with a smooth surface (for example here : Amazon.de) or maybe you already have one at home.

Then take it to your nearest MISTER MINIT Shop to engrave a special message. How about : “We love you, Mom !” Give this to your mother whilst with your brother(s) and sister(s) and look at her reaction. Another idea is to engrave your wedding date and your names on the frame, together with your wedding picture. A convenient side-effect will be that you won’t forget your anniversary, anymore! ;-)

2. Engraved stones or even better engraved Massage Hot Stones

You probably heard about the Indian healing method with hot stones. A hot stone massage can help relieve tension. Get some of those stones, heat them up in boiling water, pour off the water and wrap the hot stones in a towel. Do not use them immediately, let them cool down a bit! When the stones reach a comfortable temperature, place them on the shoulders, back or neck. The warm marble or basalt stones provide a very special feeling of wellness. Women especially are going to be enthusiastic about this. You can combine this massage with some oil as well.

However, in order to get an extraordinary nice present you just need to add an engraving to the stones. Engraving stones in itself is not so easy since every stone has its particular shape and size.

3. Engraved padlock as a special lovelock

Lovelocks have been around for a while now. The Hohenzollernbrücke in Cologne gets heavier every day due to the weight of all the lovelocks. In case you do not know what this is about, here is a quick guide :

  1. Buy a padlock.
  2. Get it engraved with your girl-/boyfriends’ name, your name and the date.
  3. After giving the padlock to your partner, put it on a bridge in your city.
  4. Then throw the keys into the river.

The lovelock symbolises your everlasting love.

Now think a couple of years ahead. You and your partner may have become parents and so your love has grown into a family. Wouldn’t it be great to ‘upgrade’ your lovelock accordingly? Just get a small lovelock (there are also padlocks available in light pink and light blue for girls and boys), get it engraved and attach it to your existing lovelock.

4. Engraved cutlery, such as an engraved grill cutlery set

A grill cutlery set is a great and useful gift for any man or woman who likes to grill the perfect steak. Adding an engraving to each piece of the set makes it personal and special. In general a set made of metal with a smooth surface is best to engrave. Because we have the right machine we can also engrave plastic and wooden articles. Just bring your set, get the engraving done and you have the perfect engraved gift for any hobby chef.

5. Engraved bottle and engraved glasses, such as an engraved whiskey or liquor bottle and glasses

After having a great dinner with your friends you may want to offer some good whiskey. Make this moment special with your very own surface engraved whiskey bottle. You can also use a smaller standard glass bottle in case you want to put your home-made tasty liquor in (egg liquor for example). In any case, we recommend combining your personal engraved bottle with some matching engraved glasses. A complete set looks awesome at home in your liquor cabinet.

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