Your favorite sneakers are getting dirty and you don't want to replace them. You are looking for the right products to give them a new life? Or you just bought new sneakers and you want to protect them to extend their life? 

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How to clean special, leather or white sneakers? With our MISTER MINIT Sneaker Cleaner of course! Learn here how you can shine your shoes efficiently!

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Sport soles


Painful feet after long walks or standing? Not anymore! MISTER MINIT innersoles for your sneakers give the comfort you need in a few minutes!

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Want to clean your white sneakers and free them from stains and dirt? Just use MISTER MINIT White and they're white again in no time!

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Want to know how to protect your new sneakers against dirt and liquid? With our Sneaker Anti-Dirt your shoes are protected for the long run.

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O-oh, does one of your sneakers have a broken zipper or a loose stitch? Don't throw them away! At MISTER MINIT we can almost fix anything!

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Refresher Compressor


Want to get rid of smelly shoe odor in your sneakers? With MISTER MINIT Fresh you can neutralize the smell easily by yourself!

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Colored Laces

Colored laces

Want to personalize your sneakers? From pink to blue - use our colored laces and stand out from the crowd!

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Sneaker Wipes Orange

Cleaning wipes

No time to clean your sneakers? Remove stains easily on your sneakers with our Sneaker Cleaning Wipes, even when you're on the go!

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