Fun Shoe facts from MISTER MINIT

  • Did you know that only during the 19th  century they started fabricating left and right shoes? Before that, shoes were identical and worn at both feet. 
  • Did you know men were the first ones to wear heels? Earlier it was a sign of belonging to the high society and wasn’t related to gender.
  •  In Hungary it is tradition for the groom to give a speech with the shoe of the bride.
  •  Girl feet stop growing earlier that boys feet. Girl feet stop growing at the age of 12, while boy feet stop growing at the age of 15.
  •  Did you know the word sneakers comes from sneaking around? With the rubber sole you can sneak around without anyone hearing it….


  • On average a woman spends 40 hours and 30 minutes a year on buying shoes. 
  • A good tip if you want to buy shoes: go in the afternoon, because your feet will be more swollen during that time of day. 
  • Research showed that 88% of all women buy shoes that are 1 or 2 sizes too small.  This explains why half of these women have injuries caused by their shoes.   This is painful : come to MISTER MINIT, where we’ll place your shoes on a shoetree for a certain period of time, so they will stretch and feel more comfortable.


  • Research has showed that the average woman has 20 pairs of shoes of which half never leaves the closet. Idea: maybe you should check your closet and choose one of those pairs you never wear and give it another color? Those wedding shoes for example could be nice in a darker color as well…


The average woman walks  4,5 km more a day than the average man. Take care of your feet and your shoes. Come to MISTER MINIT for a new sole or heel! This is our specialty !


You can rely on MISTER MINIT for every kind of shoe repair. Even if this concerns a small detail: replacement of a little hook, ring, button, stitching of a velcro,…Nothing is impossible for our specialists !


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